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TMC Productions is a continuation of the sole proprietorship of Th. van der Meij Bloemenexport founded in 1976. The main activities of this company consisted of the export of flowers and plants to West Germany and in the last quarter of the year, the waxing of roses and fruit,such as apples and pears. These seasonal activities were mainly focused on the autumn and Christmas period.

The increased demand of products treated with wax  and the start of our paint and drying facilities in 2008 forced us to move to a larger production facility.. Our new location now has an area of 2000 square meters, so  we could significantly increase our range of activities..

Nowadays, it is possible to apply a large variety of materials such as paint, glitter, snow, wax and flock on our products.and   instead of one we now have several drying chambers, so it is also possible to dry fresh products such as fruits, cut flowers and cut foliage.