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Productions BV
Our company is specialized in the treatment of dried deco products,fresh flowers, plants, foliage, branches and fruit with different kind of materials in order to give them a different look or color..

Our intention is to be creative and innovating in the processing of products to get the best result at the most profitable price.
* Colouring of dried deco, fresh flowers, foliage or branches.
* Waxing of dried deco, fresh flowers or fruit.
* Flocking of dried deco, fresh flowers, foliage, plants or fresh fruit.
* Hot painting of dried deco and dried flowers.
* Cleaning and drying of mould or wet deco materials.
* Drying of fresh cutflowers and foliage.
* Snowing of dried deco or fresh products like cutflowers, plants, branches.
* Snowing and colouring of Christmas trees.